Etableringslyftet helps you find a job or quickly start your education

Etableringslyftet provides you with language and cultural support during all our activities from day one until you find a job or until you start CSN- studies.
The majority of our participants study SFI at the same time as they participate at Etableringslyftet.

As a participant in Etableringslyftet you can get:

  • Introduction and dialogue about the Swedish labor market, in your mother tongue, based on the employers' perspective and your cultural background.
  • Ongoing job coaching in your native language, including support in job applications and job interviews.
  • Language workshops to practice speaking swedish.
  • Dialogue and introduction to different professions in your native language.
  • Internship with the possibility of language and cultural support to create better understanding.
  • Short internship with regular follow-ups with you and the employer. The goal of the internship is employment.
  • Knowledge of interview techniques and social codes.
  • Workshop on equality and gender roles in Sweden and your home country.
  • Support with different Swedish authority contacts.